Tim's Southern Tea

The Official Tea of the South

Reminiscent of days sitting on the porch enjoying the cool breeze while sipping on a refreshing beverage. Tim's Southern Tea's unique blend of exotic fruits will certainly quench your thirst.

About Tim

Born in the tropical climate of South Florida, Tim used his love for blended beverages to create a fresh new Southern tea.

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Homemade tea with a southern twist

Tim's Southern Tea is a blend of natural fruit juices and no additional sugar.

Tim's Southern Tea is great with any meal!

Tim's Southern Tea will enhance any meal at any time!

Local Distro proudly serves Tim's Southern Tea


"I just had some of the best fruit tea of my life." "It's so delicious, I ran out words to describe the taste."

- Ronnie


"This is not your average tea. It's a premium tea!"

- Jim


"Tim's Southern Tea reminds me  of when I would sit out on the front porch with my grandma's pitcher of Sun tea."

- Kellie

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